Friday, October 30, 2009


When we moved to Salt Lake, Kelly started working for the University of Utah Police Department. They only had part time positions because of the hiring freeze from the recession. We have been waiting almost a year for a full time position to open up. Well, it has finally happened. Kelly of course had to jump through all the hoops... they had 70 people apply for this one position. They narrowed it down and had interviews yesterday... they called Kelly this morning to let him know he got the position! I don't know if this means much of a raise, but he will get double the hours and benefits!! It will be nice to be insured again! Also, after six months they pay for 1/2 of his tuition! We have been waiting for this and are soo happy... Good job Kelly!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The curse of the blog

I just wanted to thank my sweet friend Brandy who convinced me I needed a blog.... she told me of all the things I'd find to blog about and it would be sooo much fun... well... just after I set up this blog things began to happen... somehow my kids got naughtier and I have so many things to talk about... hence the curse of the blog. I found Porter yesterday getting into the sugar tub... he had carefully arranged my kitchen floor into little sugar piles. This morning I find him in the flour tub and yes, very artistically making a large mess of my kitchen floor.... got to love it. Thank you Brandy for enlightening me to the fun that a blog brings!! haha

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are lucky we got any good pictures of Porter... as usual he wouldn't sit still for more than a second!

The first picture taken of just the two of us since we got married six years ago!!
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Family Pictures!

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