Sunday, November 22, 2009

poor little girl...

Kenzie smashed her finger in the car door today just before we went into church. I don't have pictures of this but it's probably good because it bled like crazy! What's bad is that on Halloween I smashed two fingers on her other hand in the same door... now both hands have been tortured! She will lose at least two fingernails from the first time and the accident today ripped off half of her other one.... this poor girl can't buckle her pants... seat belt... and I'm sure other things as the day goes on. Poor Kenzie!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saving Some Money!!

I have started an experiment... A friend introduced me to this free website shows you each stores sales for the week. Along with the sales it gives you free coupons from the manufacturer and shows you what date other coupons came in the sunday paper. With these two things combined you make the most of your coupons by using them together with a great store sale. I haven't started recieving newspaper coupons yet but i printed some from online and went shopping today. I went to Albertsons and Smith's and spent a total of $34.25 and saved $51.96! I love this program and thought you all should know about it too!! If you want to learn how give me a call!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Porter's cars

Porter loves to play with cars.... he is literally obsessed... he loves to line them up.. and look at them... rearrange them... and look some more!!
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Bunk Bed wins again....

Porter cracked his head on his bunk bed... his eye lid was split open and it made it look like his eye was bleeding... luckily he didn't need stitches. Poor little guy.

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Picture with the Prophet

We do this every six months with the kids.. A little cheesy but fun!!
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Kenzie's First Day of Preschool

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horseback riding

Porter's first time horseback riding... he was scared at first... probably because his legs were so little compared to the fat horse he was riding!!

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These pictures were taken at our family reunion this summer. Kenzie is riding a horse for the first time by herself... As you can tell from the picures she loves it!

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Bad Mommy...

Poor Kenzie... I shut her finger in the car door.... bad thing is it was locked... i had to unlock the door to get her poor little fingers out. This picture was taken the day it happened.. (Halloween) they are worse now.. the blood has moved all the way to the end of the nail. I'm pretty sure the nails will fall off.
Halloween we had a suprise visit from Optimus Prime.... it was perfect timing really... we only had two trick or treater's that night and it happened just when Optimus Prime (Adam) came to visit. The little boy was dressed as Bumble Bee and was so excited to see him!! Adam was the rock star of the night for those cute little boys!!
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Halloween Fun!

Not the best carved pumpkins, but it sure was fun!
I know this is not the best picture, but it sure makes me laugh!! As you can tell Porter was a pirate for Halloween. It made sense considering it has been sword fighting since he was 14months and says "Rrrr" Pirate!!
Kenzie showing off her candy bucket. She wanted to be tinkerbell for Halloween. She wanted the wings most of all!!
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These are some pictures from Kenzie's preschool party.
Two of Kenzie's friends from preschool.. Kayla and London.
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