Friday, January 29, 2010

my cute kids

They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies... depends on the time of day!
Porter loves to put stickers all over his face...
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We took a fast trip to Boise. I only have a few pictures from the trip but here are a few from Scott and Alicia's. It snowed while we were up there... Before my camera died I only got one picture of the snow fun. Nobody looked this dry at the end of the snow fight! Porter had the best time throwing snowballs at grandma!
Porter puckering up to the camera.
Grandpa and Kenzie
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Porter love to be a pirate!! When he was littler he used to say.... RRRR me Matey! I pirate!
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These are a few pictures from christmas time.... we were bad and didn't take any pics christmas day. My brother brought some of his bunnie rabbits for the kids to hold.... they had sooo much fun.
Porter is helping decorate the christmas tree.
The finished product.
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